Let your next Love Note be



Fig Citrus Moss Amber

Love Letter

Rose Ginger Ylang Ylang White Tea

Love Note No. 1

Jasmine Aloe Coconut Cocoa Butter

Love Note No. 2

Black Amber Lavender Pear

Love Note No. 4u

Sweet Gardenia

Love Note No. 5

Grapefruit Peach Nectar Mangosteen

Love Note No. 6

Lemon Verbena Ginger Mint

Love Note No. 7

White Tea Peony

Love Note No. 77

White Tea Ginger

Love Note No. 8

Green Tea Orange Peel Cinnamon

Love Note No. 8b

Sandalwood Golden Rose Nag Champa

Love Note No. 10

Fig Amber Vanilla Cream

Love Note No. 12

Oak Moss White Musk Iris

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