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Self-ish Body Tea – Soothing


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Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea: Rose • Satsuma • Peppermint

Effect: Soothing

When was the last time you were Self-Ish? It’s time to start choosing yourself and investing in wellness with our Self-Ish innovative spa experience. Designed for bathing and soaking, this all-natural body tea lulls you into a soothing escape with notes of softening rose, nourishing and smoothing satsuma and refreshing peppermint.

This spa-day essential combines natural botanical and essential oils with moisturizing oatmeal and muscle-relaxing Epsom salt, cultivating a restful ambiance of retreat-like comfort and bliss that leaves you feeling balanced and unbothered. Each tea can also be used as a dry-use body rub or foot soak for extra pampering and comes individually packaged to preserve and keep your tea fresh until used.

Spa Candles Recommendation: Love Letter, No. 1, No. 8b


  • 7 ct – 12 oz Body Tea Bags

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Weight 0.94 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 1.5 × 11 in


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