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Self-ish Aromatic Body Tea: Rose • Satsuma • Peppermint

Effect: Soothing

When was the last time you were Self-Ish?   Reclaim it Today and create the spa experience at home  when you need to pamper yourself.  This natural innovative body tea is designed for bathing and soaking.

Each tea is enriched with natural botanicals, fragrance, essentials oils for an aromatic experience, epsom salt, and oatmeal.  After bathing, your body will feel silky smooth.  Self-ish also can be used as a dry-use body rub.  Instead of spraying on perfume, that contains alcohol and other toxic ingredients or greasy lotions, just rub your body with Self-ish for an amazing scent. Each tea comes individually packaged to preserve and keep your tea fresh until used.

Also, no worrying about cleaning up your tub because Self-ish leaves NO residue behind so that you can maintain feeling stress free after your relaxing at home spa.


  • 7 ct – 12 oz Body Tea Bags
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